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Code styles, and why they matter

Code linting and code styles are not uncommon, they are used in the majority of NPM packages and open source projects from my own personal experience, yet I still see a lot of developers, juniors and mid-weights, who never used linting or..

Flutter: Re-using named routes after they get disposed/pop'ed

I hit a problem when I was trying to re-use named routes once I had already disposed or .pop()'ed them. Since it couldn't really find a satisfactory answer during my searches, I decided to post my answer here, and hopefully it can help someone else...

The Basics: Domains, DNS and Name Servers

So, how does the browser know which website to load when you type in the address? Lets explore the world of domains, DNS and name servers, and hopefully by the end of it you will have a better understanding of how domains work and what the role of the DNS and name servers are...

Developers, its 2019, hash passwords accordingly

Photo by Tim Evans on Unsplash As a backend developer you will more than likely have to handle user logins and sign up at some point in time, if you haven't already, which means you will need to store the users' passwords...