Thank you for wanting to get in touch! Hopefully you will find a contact method below which suits you.

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First of all, thank you for wanting to get in touch! I might not be the easiest person to get a hold of, as I don't really use typical social media any more, but hopefully one of the methods below will suffice.

I do not respond to unsolicited job offers or recruiters. Please respect this, thank you.


The easiest way, and I usually respond pretty quick.

LinkedIn: markeliasen

I generally accept connections from people I have met, worked with or otherwise had enough communication with that I feel comfortable to call them a professional contact.

Keybase: markeliasen

Public key enabled, and proof of identity. This is a good way to getting in contact with me as well, specially if you want to send an encrypted message and you do not have me on Signal.


Secure encrypted communications. It's a mobile/cross platform app, and I always have my phone with me so I should be able to reply fairly quick. This is mostly for contacts I already know.